Zena Marchant began her career as an environmental compliance and sustainability coordinator, working with LaGuardia Gateway Partners in 2016. In January 2021, she was promoted to project manager. The company is a perfect match for Marchant's skills set and experience; the firm puts a priority on ensuring that the new LaGuardia airport terminal uses sustainable construction practices in order to conserve energy and help the overall environment. The project has received LEED v4 Gold status, the first airport terminal in the world to receive such recognition. Nearly all new construction materials are made from recycled debris from previous construction projects. The design reduces expected water usage by an impressive 43% and lowers energy consumption by 18%.


Zena Marchant

Zena Marchant works for LaGuardia Gateway Partners a private company chosen by former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to develop and run Terminal B at LaGuardia.